Memory Care Program

Memory care programs are designed to assist in enhancing the quality of life for our residents that may suffer from various forms of dementia or other memory issues while offering comfort, safety, and maintaining dignity and independence.

Our program consist of an overall evaluation by the Clinical Care Team using the BIMS (Brief Interview for Mental Status) process. The BIMS is a tool used to screen and identify the cognitive condition of residents upon admission. The BIMS will help to identify if the cognitive status is intact, moderately impaired, or severely impaired.

Based on the outcome of the BIMS score our clinical team will tailor a Memory Care Program that will assist your loved one with their memory care needs.

The Memory Care Program offers:

  • Specially trained nursing staff providing attentive care while overseeing medical well-being
  • ADL (Activities of Daily Living) tasks with specially trained team members
  • Individualized memory care – service planning
  • Daily reality orientation
  • Social, recreational, and therapeutic programs in a friendly and encouraging environment
  • Cognitive impairment assistance, including daily reminders, prompting, and redirection
  • A sense of self-accomplishment for our residents, while feeling safe and secure